Welcome to the Prayer Meeting Podcast!

The goal this podcast is to best mimic an old-school charismatic prayer meeting. (Of one. In a closet). That is, it will be a combination of worship songs (performed live, raw, non-tweaked, and ordered w a little spontanaiety), and a message/reflection.

The worship will be a combination of public domain hymns (some of which will appear new), “author unknown” praise choruses, my own songs, and, (*ahem*), any song from a songwriter friend–who owns their material 100%–and is willing to forgo Digital Performance Rights License Fees, in return for promotion of their song, their album, their songbook, their website, their services.

Who is Nick Alexander?

Nick Alexander is a keynote speaker, worship leader and comedian. He has been leading worship songs for various groups for over twenty years.  He has three comedy albums out and a funny video on Youtube about Lent.  He is married, and has two children. You can read more about him, and what he can do for your school, church or community at www.nickalexander.com .


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